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.app domain name sells for USD 25 million

Posted On March 2, 2015
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Google has won the right to operate the new gTLD “.app” – at a cost of USD 25,001,00.

When the new gTLD program opened in early 2012, 13 applications were received for .app.  Because the applicants were not able to agree among themselves as to who should have .app, the matter when to auction last week.

The result of the auction was that Google, through its subsidiary Charleston Road Registry Inc, won with a bid of just over $25 million.

auDA to review policies for allocation and use of .au domain names

Posted On January 30, 2015
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.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space, is commencing a review of its policies for the allocation and use of domain names in the .au domain space.

The terms of reference for the review require consideration of the following issues:

  • Should .au be opened up to direct registrations (eg. domainname.au)? If yes, should there be any policy rules, and if so what rules?
  • Should the eligibility and allocation policy rules for asn.au, com.au, id.au, net.au and org.au be changed? If yes, what changes should be made?
  • Should the policy rules relating to the reserved list and misspellings be changed? If yes, what changes should be made?

The review will be undertaken by the Names Policy Panel (NPP), chaired by Derek Whitehead, former CIO at Swinburne University of Technology.  The NPP includes representatives of  key stakeholders in the Australian domain name system, including accredited registrars, domain name resellers, domain name holders, domainers, business, consumers, government, law enforcement, legal sector, IT industry and Internet users.

The deliberations of the NPP will commence in February, with the final report to the auDA Board due in November 2015.

ITU conference successfully fails to mention Internet governance

Posted On November 11, 2014
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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference last week has been hailed a success, on the basis that reference to possible reconsideration of the allocation of internet addresses or domain names was erased from the final documents, reports IP Watch.

Five key takeaways from ICANN’s London meeting

Posted On August 11, 2014
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Despite what has been characterized as organized chaos on the ground during ICANN’s London meeting in late June 2014, five topics emerged for brand owners and new generic top-level domain applicants.

According to Katten’s report of the meeting, the five key topics were:

  1. Geographic Terms Trump Trademarks, According to the Argentina Proposal
  2. Conflicts Addressed Between Trademark Sunrise Protection and the Domain Name Collision Mitigation Framework
  3. The Circumvention of Rights Protection Mechanisms Has Reached a Boiling Point
  4. Improvements for a Second Application Round Are Already Under Formation and Consideration
  5. ICANN Accountability Has Taken Center Stage in the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Transition


Overview of .au domain name jurisprudence published

Posted On August 8, 2014
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auDA, the authority responsible for the .au domain space, has published an Overview of the jurisprudence of .au domain name decisions.

The auDRP Overview 1.0 , authored by well-known domain name panelist Andrew F. Christie, is a compendium of consensus views of panels on key legal and procedural issues.  This consensus has been drawn from the 330+ cases that have been decided from inception of the auDRP, on 1 August 2002, to 15 July 2014.

The auDRP Overview provides for the auDRP an equivalent of the WIPO Overview of UDRP decisions.

First auction for a new gTLD achieves USD 600,000

Posted On June 9, 2014
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The first auction to resolve a contention set for a new generic Top-level Domain (gTLD) string achieved a winning bid of USD 600,000.

Two applicants, Afilias Limited and Beijing Tele-info Network Technology Co., LTD. applied for the gTLD 信息, (xn--vuq861b), which is a Chinese Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) for “information” or “info”. Because the two applicants were unable to resolve the contention set between themselves, they proceeded to an auction – which is the method of last resort to resolve string contentions, as prescribed in Module 4 of the Applicant Guidebook.

Beijing Tele-info Network Technology Co., LTD. prevailed in the auction.

Takeaways from ICANN 49 in Singapore

Posted On May 5, 2014
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ICANN 49 addressed, among other things, the following issues:

  • the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) safeguard advice;
  • the Qualified Launch Program (QLP) for registry operators;
  • Specification 13 to the new gTLD Registry Agreement for dot brand registries;
  • the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority’s (IANA’s) transition away from the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA);
  • rights protection mechanism (RPM) circumvention; and
  • intergovernmental organization (IGO) abbreviations.

For a summary of the outcomes on these issues, see Katten’s takeaways from ICANN 49.

ICANN puts off decision on .wine and .vin gTLDs (again)

Posted On April 8, 2014
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ICANN’s New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) has again deferred consideration of the applications for <.wine> and <.vin>, in response to concerns raised by the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) and vigorous objections from the wine industry.

According to the NGPC decision, ICANN has deferred contracting for the <.wine> and <.vin> gTLDs “in order to provide additional time for the relevant impacted parties to negotiate, which they are encouraged to do”.

In addition, the NGPC recommends that the full Board of ICANN “consider the larger implications of legally complex and politically sensitive issues such as those raised by GACmembers, including whether ICANN is the proper venue in which to resolve these issues, or whether there are venues or forums better suited to address concerns such as those raised by GAC members in relation to the .WINE and .VIN applications”.

New gTLDs are disruptive to trademark protection, says WIPO

Posted On March 20, 2014
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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) believes the roll-out of 1,400 new gTLDs will disrupt strategies for trademark protection on the web.

In an announcement on the expansion of the domain name space, the WIPO Director General said the proliferation of potential web addresses “will force trademark owners to adjust their priorities in terms of registration and protection choices”.

With the first new gTLDs having become operational, attention is now focusing on registrations in these domains. On March 14, 2014 the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center released the first decision on the application of the UDRP to a new domain.

UK to introduce ‘.uk’ domain names

Posted On March 19, 2014
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Nominet, the company responsible for the .uk ccTLD, will introduce registrations at the 2nd level from 10 June 2014 – meaning that registrations of <brand.uk> will be  available, alongside registrations such as <brand.co.uk> and <brand.org.uk>.

Existing registrations at the 3rd level will continue to function as normal. However, the owners of existing 3rd level registrations will be offered a right of first refusal over the equivalent 2nd level domain name, according to a specified order of priority.