National Sports Tribunal appointment

Posted On December 15, 2021
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I’m looking forward to undertaking dispute resolution appointments as a recently-appointed Member of the National Sports Tribunal (NST).

The NST provides independent, cost-effective dispute resolution services to sporting bodies, athletes and support personnel. It offers the following binding and non-binding services:

  • case appraisal – a Tribunal member gives their opinion on a dispute (non-binding)
  • mediation – a Tribunal member helps parties work out their own solutions, focusing on mutual interests (non-binding)
  • conciliation – a Tribunal member helps parties resolve their dispute, taking a more active role than in mediation (non-binding)
  • arbitration – a Tribunal member hears the evidence and decides how to resolve the conflict (binding)

The NST has established a panel of legal practitioners who are willing to provide free or substantially discounted legal assistance to parties to a dispute.

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