Censorship of Cyberspace

28 Jan 13: Google report shows steady rise in government surveillance - Google’s latest Transparency Report details the number of requests the company received from U.S. law enforcement from July through December

31 Dec 12: European Human Rights Court: Internet restriction violates Freedom of Expression - The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled that “restriction of Internet access without a strict legal framework regulating the scope of the ban and affording the guarantee of judicial review to prevent possible abuses amounts to a violation of freedom of expression” (IP Watch)

15 Mar 12: Blocking of Internet traffic common in Europe – EU report

15 Mar 12: Australia remains under surveillance as an “Enemy of the Internet”Reporters Without Borders lists Australia as a country “under surveillance” due to it readiness to create a repressive Internet filtering system which would be managed in a non-transparent manner by a government agency based on very broad criteria.

24 Jan 12: EU Telecoms said to be unfairly restricting Internet access (IP Watch) - French online rights group La Quadrature du Net this week announced an analysis asserting that in more than half of European Union countries, telecommunications operators engage in “illegitimate” restrictions of their users’ access.

13 Dec 11: EU Announces “No-Disconnect” strategy to promote global Internet freedom - The European Union’s Commissioner for the Digital Agenda has announced a “No-Disconnect” strategy, to support cyber-activists living under authoritarian regimes.

16 Nov 11: Barrage of doubts voiced on US Internet Piracy Bill – An international outcry from open internet proponents has emerged over draft US legislation, HR 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), on the eve of a hearing on the bill. International critics say the bill would put the United States on the same ground as China with regards to internet filtering, undermining the US argument for internet freedom (IP Watch)

4 Nov 11: US files WTO request for details of China’s Internet censorship - The United States Trade Representative has used a World Trade Organization process to seek details of China’s policies and processes for censoring Internet content.

19 Oct 11: Circumvention Tool Evaluation Report (2001) – A report published by the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School finds that while the sophistication of tools for circumventing Internet access blocks has increased, so too has governments’ techniques for over-riding such tools.

27 Sep 11: Site ‘names and shames’ operators restricting Internet access - Two civil society organisations have launched a website on which users can ‘name and shame’ ISPs restricting access to sites and services.

10 May 10: Q&A: Censorship in Cyberspace – The ABC TV debate show Q&A considers censorship in cyberspace, with panelists: Kaiser Kuo, internet consultant; Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Home Affairs; Sophie Mirabella, shadow minister for innovation; columnist and commentator Helen Razer; and Brett Solomon, Executive Director of Accessnow.org.