ITU makes clear it’s not trying to “take over the Internet”

Posted On September 18, 2012
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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in a 17 September press briefing, tried to dispel what it is describing as “myths and misinformation” about the upcoming World Conference on International Communication, IP Watch reports.

“Although there are many important issues before the conference, unfortunately they are not receiving the media attention they deserve due to a paranoia created by claims that ITU wants to take over the internet,” Standardization Bureau Director Malcolm Johnson said tonight.

Another area of misinformation, according to ITU officials, is the suggestion “of increased censorship.” Member states already had secured themselves the right to block private telecommunication in Article 34 of the ITU constitution, which can be changed only by the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference.

One contribution to the WCIT did ask for due process with regard to the blocking, and therefore the limitations to the human right to communication. Only nobody would write about it.

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