Three ‘pirates’ elected to Iceland’s parliament

Three members of Iceland’s Pirate Party have won seats in the national legislature.

The News of Iceland reports that the Pirate Party won 5.1% of the vote, just above the 5.0% threshold required for representation.

The three elected members are:

  • Birgitta Jónsdóttir, WikiLeaks volunteer and former MP from 2009 – 2013
  • Jón Þór Ólafsson, business administration student at the University of Iceland
  • Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson, programmer

The Pirate Party has had electoral success  in other countries:

  • in the European Parliament election of 2009 the Swedish Pirate Party received 7.1 percent of the votes, winning two seats and achieving the first major success of a Pirate Party in an election
  • the German Pirate Party managed to win 8.9 percent of the votes in the Berlin state election, 2011
  • the Czech Pirate Party won the international race to get a pirate politician to national parliament when a joint pirate candidate, Libor Michálek, was elected in the 2012 senate election

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