Governance of Cyberspace

3 May 14: … and ten answers from NETMundial (IP Watch)

24 Apr 14: Ten questions about Internet governance – that need to be answered at the forthcoming NETmundial (IP Watch)

8 Apr 14: European Parliament backs Net neutrality (IP Watch)

4 Apr 14: auDA reports on ICANN 49 – including the discussions on IANA transition, Internet governance and GAC deliberations (auDA)

22 Mar 14: US not “abandoning the Internet”, says NTIA chief – and the US remains committed to preserving the Internet as an engine for economic growth and innovation

21 Mar 14: No consensus on role of governments in Internet governance – shows Richard Hill’s analysis of contributions to NETMundial

21 Mar 14: UN welcomes US relinquishing Internet DNS control – and requests consideration of new mechanisms at the forthcoming NETMundial in Brazil

19 Mar 14: US to relinquish responsibility for regulation of Internet domain name system – to the “global multistakeholder community”

5 Mar 14: Privatize, don’t internationalise, Internet oversight, academics say – in proposal to the forthcoming NetMundial conference in Brazil

3 Mar 14: UNCTAD Internet Governance discussion: an insider’s view on why it failed – due to lack of consensus on the key issue of “enhanced cooperation” to address Internet governance (IP Watch)

25 Feb 14: US urges no radical revision of Internet governance - especially the reach or limitations of state sovereignty in Internet policy

19 Feb 14: European Parliament urged to strengthen Net neutrality – by opposing proposed provisions that would allow ISPs to provide ‘specialised’ services running on different bandwidths in parallel to the open Internet

8 Oct 13: ‘Digital divide’ alive and well, reports UN agency - Internet penetration rates at the end of this year are set to reach almost 80 per cent in the developed world, but only 28 per cent in the developing world

9 Aug 13: The download from Durban: reflections on ICANN 47 – a good report on the outcomes of the Durban meeting of ICANN (Reed Smith)

27 Jun 13: Internet Hall of Fame announces 2013 inductees – including Richard Stallman, founder of the free software movement, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, and John Perry Barlow, founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

26 May 13: Petition fights proposal for Digital Rights Management in Internet core – More than two dozen advocacy group are circulating a petition to prevent the World Wide Web Consortium from accepting a proposal to allow restrictive new copyright measures on the underlying Web used by hundreds of millions of people (IP Watch)

16 May 13: World Telecom Policy Forum agrees on six opinions - supporting and promoting Internet infrastructure, among other things (IP Watch)

14 May 13: EC to develop Global Internet Policy Observatory - The European Commission has unveiled plans for an online platform to improve knowledge and participation on issues related to global internet policymaking

2 May 13: Three ‘pirates’ elected to Iceland’s parliament – The Icelandic Pirate Party won 5.1% of the vote in the recent national election, giving it three members in the legislature

24 Mar 13: EC VP Kroes urges open Internet - The European Commission’s Vice-President responsible for the digital agenda has told a parliamentary committee that the EU recognises “the values and virtues of openness … are not just economic, but also for freedom of expression and democracy”

31 Dec 12: UN official stresses importance of Civil Society in Internet future - The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression, in a statement about the 2012 WCIT, has underlined the importance of civil society in discussions about the future of the Internet (IP Watch)

14 Dec 12: WCIT split after split “vote” on Internet governance resolution - A mere resolution, not part of the future International Telecommunication Regulations, led to yet another escalation at the ongoing WCIT in Dubai (IP Watch)

13 Dec 12: Internet issues still in draft new Telecom Rules - The internet is not completely out of the first consolidated draft proposal for the future International Telecommunication Regulations introduced at the WCIT in Dubai (IP Watch)

25 Nov 12: WCIT Dubai documents published by .nxt – Internet policy and governance monitor .nxt has published all documents related to the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT) that will take place in Dubai in early December 2012

22 Nov 12: Google launches “Free and Open Web” campaign - In the lead up to the December World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT) in Dubai, Google has launched a campaign rallying against what it says are attempts by some countries to “further regulate the internet” and potentially limit free speech through censorship

21 Nov 12: Internet governance on a shoestring – IP Watch reports on the recent Internet Governance Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan and how it was used as a stage for some very targeted messages on the upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunication

7 Nov 12: “F*** You, This Is My Culture!” Pirate Party Rep Tells UN Meeting - Amelia Andersdotter, member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Pirate Party, in no polite words told the participants of the 7th Internet Governance Forum in Baku what she thought about the lack of progress in adapting copyright to the digital age (IP Watch)

18 Sep 12: ITU makes clear it’s not trying to “take over the Internet” - The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in a 17 September press briefing, tried to dispel what it is describing as “myths and misinformation” about the upcoming World Conference on International Communication (IP Watch)

12 Sep 12: Chinese official gains oversight of UN Internet Governance Forum – The United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs, which is responsible for the UN Internet Governance Forum, has a new boss: Chinese career diplomat Wu Hongbo (IP Watch)

21 Aug 12: Google alters search rankings algorithm to penalise infringing sites - Google has announced it will add a new ranking parameter to its search algorithm: the number of valid copyright removal notices it receives for any given site

20 Aug 12: Public interest groups take aim at FCC Net Neutrality Order - Four U.S. public interest groups claim that the US Federal Communication Commission’s 2011 “Preserving the Open Internet” order is unconstitutional, because it denies them editorial discretion, thereby compelling them to impart content with which they may disagree (IP Watch)

26 Jul 12: European Commission seeks public input on ‘net neutrality’ - The European Commission has launched a public consultation seeking answers to questions on transparency, switching and certain aspects of internet traffic management, with a view to its commitment to preserve the open and neutral character of the Internet

13 Jul 12: Enhanced cooperation task force for Internet governance? - An unconventional proposal to solve the international fight around internet governance has been put forward that would create multi-stakeholder working groups to tackle tough issues (IP Watch)

3 Jul 12: US renews ICANN’s contract to run Internet naming functions - The US Department of Commerce has renewed for 5 years ICANN’s contract to administer the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions

20 Jun 12: EuroDIG: Will governments let civil society rescue Net governance? – The European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) occurred in Stockholm last week, at which it was said that civil society should act to protect fundamental rights in cross-border law enforcement situations as governments increasingly fail to do so (IP Watch)

4 Jun 12: ITU battle will ‘Determine the future of the Internet’, says US – The United States stands united in its opposition to any international proposal to regulate the internet or to expand the jurisdiction of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) over the Web (IP Watch)

19 May 12: Divisions over future of Internet governance arise at WSIS - Concerns were expressed at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2012 about the reluctance of the UN to hire an executive secretary for the Internet Governance Forum, the reluctance of the ITU to allow the global public to see and contribute to the coming International Telecommunication Regulations, and the need for a new UN platform for enhanced cooperation (IP Watch)

27 Apr 12: Global Internet governance: from multistakeholder To autopilot - “I predict that, by the year 2032, the internet will be self-governing”, says Verisign’s Burt Kaliski (IP Watch)

25 Apr 12: Global Internet conference opens with an air of possibility - Maintaining openness and promoting access were two major themes that emerged during the Global INET conference opening session (IP Watch)

20 Apr 12: US Government re-issues call for bids to manage Internet root zone - The US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has re-issued a request for proposals to manage the sensitive IANA contract, which includes the management of the central root zone of the internet domain name system, the allocation of internet protocol addresses to the Regional Internet Registries, and other core parts of the internet infrastructure (IP Watch)

16 Mar 12: Council of Europe passes Internet governance strategy - In passing a comprehensive Internet Governance Strategy, the Council of Europe has laid claim to a front runner position in the human rights dialogue for the internet

12 Mar 12: US rejects ICANN’s bid to retain control of Internet names - The US government has cancelled its Request for Proposal (RFP) to run the functions of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), on the basis that it “received no proposals that met the requirements requested by the global community”.

1 Mar 12: UN human rights council rallies on right to Internet freedom of expression (IP Watch) - With tension seeming to brim just beneath the surface, human rights officials from around the world came together today at the United Nations in Geneva to talk about ways to keep the internet open and nationally regulated at the same time.

9 Dec 11: Council of Europe sees human rights concerns in Internet restrictions (IP Watch) - The Council of Europe has alerted its 47 member states to the gravity of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights resulting from politically motivated pressure exerted on privately operated Internet platforms and online service providers.

8 Dec 11: EU Parliament seminar looks at risks of outsourcing policing of Internet – Self-regulation and its potential pitfalls when it comes to circumvention of due process by pushing enforcement to intermediaries was the subject of a seminar held in Brussels recently (IP Watch)

3 Nov 11: Amid global efforts to fill Internet policy gaps, India proposes new UN body (IP Watch) - India has proposed a new United Nations body for global internet-related policies, to build support for an open internet, to address gaps in global internet governance and to increased unilateral moves to block content online

2 Nov 11: Tech industry sees harm to Internet in US “Rogue Website” Bill (IP Watch) - Trade associations representing US technology industry interests have attacked a new House of Representatives bill aimed at fighting so-called “rogue” websites.

26 Oct 11: US to seek bids to manage key aspect of the Internet (IP Watch) - The US Department of Commerce has  put it up for bid on 4 November, with proposals due by 4 December, the contract to manage IANA.

29 May 2011: At the eG8, 20th century ideas clashed with the 21st century economy (O’Reilly) - The eG8 Forum shows online innovation and freedom of expression still need strong defenders.

27 May 2011: It was a mixed message going out from the first “Internet G8 meeting (IP Watch) - Some of the messages brought from the eG8 Forum to the governments might not be what French President Nicolas Sarkozy had hoped for when he gathered a Who’s Who of the internet and media industries. On the initiative of the French presidency, the G8 for the first time passed a resolution on the internet and included the internet in its chapter on intellectual property.

24 May 2011: US promotes multilateral system of Internet governance in Geneva (IP Watch) - Betty King, United States Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, has declared US support for a multilateral system of internet governance and an open internet.

28 March 2011: ICANN suggests moving Internet from US control (IP Watch) - ICANN accepts US oversight of root zone management, but requests that adding new top level domains like .xxx or registering changes to who manages a TLD be completely transparent.